MySQL Consulting

MySQL Consulting

mysql consulting

Al-Tech offers MySQL consulting, support, and development services for MySQL and LAMP applications. We can help with all areas of the MySQL Server – Operations, Application Design, Custom Feature development.

A MySQL database is frequently at the heart of every modern web application. Designing and architecting a scalable and fast MySQL database backend requires a strong background in high-concurrency and high-availability web-applications, and equally as deep knowledge of the database itself. We are experts in MySQL performance optimization and will help you resolve your most challenging MySQL issue

Contact us to let us help you with:

  • MySQL Performance Optimization and Scaling – All aspects of MySQL Performance Optimization and Scaling – Hardware and OS configuration, MySQL Server Configuration, Schema, Queries,  etc.
  • MySQL Administration MySQL Server installation and configuration, MySQL Security, MySQL Upgrades, Backup and recovery practices.
  • LAMP  Optimization In many cases web application performance issues lie outside of MySQL.  Let us help you with PHP code optimization.
  • High Performance Application Architecture Design If your application architecture is not properly designed  MySQL Server tuning will not mask those design problems. Let us help you work on application design to improve overall performance
  • DBA Services for MySQL We work remotely as your MySQL DBA to manage users,  install security updates, perform schema maintenance, setup backup procedures,  and pro-actively monitor server performance to avoid downtime.