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Austin Access Database ConsultingMicrosoft Access Database Programming

Austin Access Database Consulting Access programmers will create a custom-programmed Access database to improve data quality and operating efficiency of your business by automating repetitive tasks.  Timesheets, parts, measurements and dozens of other data processing tasks can be streamlined by using a custom designed database designed for you and your business needs.

We are professional Access programmers.  Our goal is to program fast, user-friendly databases at a good price with unparalleled database support.  No question or task is too small and we will advise if it is too large for  Access, at which point we would recommend a custom application with SQL Server.  We have developed 100’s of databases for clients across the country.  We offer Access consultant services to individuals, small businesses, and corporations.

Even though we are located in Austin Texas, Access databases can be created and maintained remotely.  There is rarely a need for the added expense or time it would take to travel to a client site.

Will Access Meet Your Needs

If you are thinking about using a database program like Microsoft Access instead of an Excel spreadsheet or storing data in lists, you might be wondering if Access will be able to meet all of your needs. The following are a few factors that you might want to consider:


How many people will be using the database?
Even though the latest version of Access will support up to 255 concurrent users, it is more practical to select Access when there will only be approximately 15 to 20 concurrent users.


Are all of your users located in one location?
It is more practical to select Access if the application will only be accessed by people in one centralized office.

Spreadsheet Size

How large is your spreadsheet?
A spreadsheet can generally handle approximately 65,000 rows. If your spreadsheet is approaching that limit, you might want to consider using a DBMS (Database Management System) like Microsoft Access.

Storing Large Amounts of Data

A single table in an Access database is capable of storing more than 1 million large to medium-width records or 5 million small-width records. Small width records are defined as those records that have 3-4 numeric or short text fields.


Are you on a tight budget?
Microsoft Access is a popular choice when there are monetary constraints to consider. Access is often the database of choice to fit a project’s budget due to the cost benefits.

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